Yankees: 3 Things to Expect In the Next Two Weeks

Aaron Boone
Source: Getty Images

Aaron Boone’s Option

Aaron Boone signed a three-year deal in 2018 and it has finally come to an end. He does though have a forth year option that can be picked up by the Yankees. This option will be what separates the Yankees from winning it all next year and losing in the playoffs again. The Yankees can not bring Aaron Boone back. He is the worst manager the Yankees could have possibly hired. When looking at the Yankees roster you could say its the best in all of baseball and you would assume Boone would have brought back a title at least once already.

The funny thing is, he hasn’t even gotten as far as Joe did with a much worse team. Boone is way too soft to be the manager for the team and you could tell by his postgame comments following Game Five. When asked if the season was a failure he said “I hate that question every year” but when Judge was asked the question he said it was a failure. The Yankees motto is World Series or bust, the season is a failure if we don’t win it all. Boone doesn’t think that way and that is why we haven’t won anything. He needs to go. 

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