Yankees: 3 Things to Expect In the Next Two Weeks

The long offseason for the Yankees once again has begun with sadness, but in the next two weeks what can we expect to hear?

For the 4th year in a row, The Yankees season ends in nothing but pain. The Yankees watched as the Rays danced on the field after winning Game Five. You would have thought that after getting walked off on last year, would push the team to get better, but instead, the same thing happened. When it mattered the most the Yankees disappeared. Now beings the offseason, and the next two weeks will big for the Yankees. Here is what to expect in the next two weeks.

Brian Cashman
Source: Getty Images

Brian Cashman’s Injury Press Conference

Roughly a week after the season ends, Brian Cashman holds an end of the year press conference where we find out who is getting surgery. Last year, we found out that Hicks would be undergoing Tommy John, as well as Tanaka, getting Bone Spurs removed from his elbow. This year, we can pretty much count on at least two players needing surgery. Luke Voit for his “Foot Stuff” and Gio Urshela to have the bone spur in his elbow removed.

Each year, however, there is always at least one shocker in which Cashman announces a player needing surgery that we didn’t expect. This could tell us why a certain player was struggling towards the end of the year. I would not be surprised to see Judge on the list of players needing something done in the offseason. Hopefully, we don’t have any long term surgeries coming up for anyone.

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