The Yankees Playoff Hopes All Come Down To Jordan Montgomery

After a roller coaster of a season and past failures, the 2020 New York Yankees playoff hopes now come down to Jordan Montgomery. 

Is there any doubt that the Yankees will lose this series to the Tampa Bay Rays? With Jordan Montgomery on the mound tonight, it sure seems like it. The Rays have dominated the Yankees in every single facet this ALDS that game one seems like it was played five years ago. All in all, is anyone surprised? With carrying on with the optimism all year, we have now crash-landed on Earth for the fourth straight season-not healthy and questioning head-scratching decisions that have bitten the Yankees in the ass again. There is nothing left to say but buckle up for an uneventful game four.

Maybe we can go into the offseason with a plan because while they can still turn it around, it makes little sense to have high expectations for a comeback. Especially with Jordan Montgomery on the mound in a do-or-die game.


I am a firm believer that the Yankees should re-tool the roster. With both the pitching staff and bats sputtering yet again on baseball’s biggest stage, what do the Yankees need to do? For starters, the game two decision with having Happ come in the second inning is a fireable offense. I have always backed Boone, but these moves have just backfired too much for him to not take criticism or even be held accountable. If that means his time is up then so be it. Change might be a good thing. I do not know where they go from there if they decide to part ways with Boone, but the next manager could not be worse.

If you were even awake for the last couple of innings, you probably were checking twitter to see who everyone put the blame on. What we did see however was Trevor Bauer toss out a feeler to see if the Yankees are interested in signing him. Do not think twice and get that done. There is only one reliable starter, why not have two aces anchor down in the Bronx for the next decade. His personality would be so refreshing in an uptight organization that is stuck in the early 1900s. Baseball should be fun and whether you like Bauer or not, we all know he is good for baseball.

Trading a couple of big bats might be something the Yankees could look into. The Yankees need guys who get on base and make contact. If there are eight other DJ LeMahieu’s in this free-agent class we’ll take them all. Maybe a name to look after is Gleyber Torres. A fan favorite but just so inconsistent on defense and struggles at the plate all season, there is a possibility he could be on the move for a ton of controllable talent. If the Yankees could get back great pitching and solid defense why not? How many times will they lose with the core underperforming?

Change is needed, I am aware the season isn’t officially over yet, but it doesn’t feel like we’re in a great spot. The Rays who are playing like the best team in baseball will have a shot to make it to the World Series which is something these current Yankees have yet to accomplish. All we can do is be optimistic but no one has given the fans a reason to do so. Especially the fact that Jordan Montgomery had over a 5.00 ERA all season and now it all comes down to his performance tonight. 

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