Aaron Boone Is To Blame For Yankees’ ALDS Game Two Catastrophe

Just when you thought Aaron Boone couldn’t get any worse, he goes out and blows ALDS Game Two for the Yankees, is this the final blow for him?

We all knew this day would come. Aaron Boone couldn’t avoid it any longer. He finally cost the Yankees a postseason game with his awful managing. This was the worst managed game we have seen from Boone ever and it couldn’t have come at a worse time. This could be a series costing game. 

It all started when Boone decided to get J.A. Happ warming up in the bottom of the first inning before Garcia gave up the home run.  Now don’t get me wrong, Garcia didn’t look great. The Rays were laying off the off-speed stuff and Deivi was having trouble locating his fastball. It was something over the course of the game Deivi could have adjusted. 


Instead, Boone brings in Happ to start the second inning and this is where it all goes wrong. Happ gives up a two-run bomb to Mike Zunino to give the Rays a 3-1 lead. Then in the third inning, Happ gives up another two-run bomb, this time to Margot. Boone’s mistake is almost saved as Stanton hits a three-run bomb to make the game 5-4 Rays. 

Boone then calls on Ottavino to pitch and he gives up a leadoff walk to Wendle, who steals second. Boone then brings in Loaisiga. LOAISIGA. In a one-run game where the Yankees have the momentum, he brings in Loaisiga. He proceeds to give up an RBI single to Kiermaier. Then in the 6th, Boone keeps him in and he gives up a leadoff homer to Meadows.

In Game One, he brought in Cessa in a six-run game, when Cessa has proven to be a lot better than Loaisiga. So why not save Cessa for a situation like today?  The Yankees pretty much punted this game and Happ didn’t even know the plan going into the game. Happ told Boone that he felt better starting, but he decided to waste Deivi for one inning. This now sets up Monty to pitch in game four.

If the Yankees do not win this series, Aaron Boone should be gone and there should be a party to celebrate losing an atrocious manager.


  1. Boone has cost us over the past 3 seasons. His wishy washy managerial style, his lineup changes, his lack of ability to spark the players, his inability to manage the pitchers cost us #28 two years in a row. He was a one hit wonder; a mediocre player; he was chosen for his famous baseball last name; He was hired because Steinbrenner is too cheap to hire someone who knew how to manage a team like the Yankees. It is time to get someone in there who knows small ball baseball. Who instills trust. He was also a poor announcer with a know-it-all attitude. Hal Steinbrenner has failed the fans. We had a great team two years ago and lost because of Boone.

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