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WRAPPED UP: The New York Yankees Provided “Big Bat Energy”

On the first night where ALDS baseball was played, the New York Yankees showed up swinging and pounded the Tampa Bay Rays. 

The first day of divisional series play was a loud one. I have to start with my beloved New York Yankees. What. A. First. Game. Jumped on top early, gave it up, jumped back up, gave it up, then…

Gerrit Cole settled in.  This is why he’s the Ace you had to pay for.

The dude was throwing nasty slider after nasty slider and his fastballs that had the rising effect; that’s how you know your stuff is just gross, as he went 6 strong and K’d 8 Rays, and let me not forget an all-around great game from Gio Urshela. Made two electric plays in the 2nd inning that really held the Rays at bay, and added a couple of hits of his own at the dish.

But my favorite part…

Giancarlo Cruz Michael Stanton, hitting a grand slam, dead center, in the top of the 9th, versus a team who’s talked constant smack the entire season. It was such a BEAUTIFUL sight to see Stanton pimp that and really seal game one for the Bombers.

The Astros jumped all over the A’s and smacked them up 10-5, led by Carlos Correa hitting two bombs and a four-hit day from George Springer.

But gahdamnnnn, can the A’s do something to make the rest of America smile a little? That was a bit too easy for the cheaters in Game One.

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