The Yankees Got What They Paid For in Gerrit Cole

The Yankees wanted to open the vault for their ace and after a solid start to his postseason, they know they got their guy in Gerrit Cole.

Gerrit Cole had a really good, but not all-time great season in 2020 as a Yankee. There were some real questions about if he was the real deal for the Bronx Bombers. Everyone seemed to panic after a rough stretch, but he shut the door on that. He faced a tall task against the Indians in Game One of the AL Wild Card Round. Not only was he pitching a crucial Game One in that series, but he was pitching against Shane Bieber. In 2020 Shane Bieber razzle-dazzled all year long and people forgot about Cole. Bieber was seen as the best pitcher on the mound, but in 2012 LeBron James fashion, he was on one hell of a mission. He also pitched pretty solid in Game One of the ALDS against the Ray not having his best stuff and going six strong while striking out eight and only allowing three earned runs. 

Gerrit Cole made Brian Cashman and the Yankees opening up the vault look like a genius move now, and silenced all of the critics.


Bringing Out the Best Gerrit Cole We’ve Seen

Gerrit Cole left the “let’s figure this out” and just went to pure dominance as he did in the second half of 2019. Walks? Those are for chumps, as he went out there and had an unprecedented 13 strikeouts to 0 walks in 7 innings. This was against a lineup that while lacked in power, they were 5th in walk percentage in the MLB. Cole took that, crumpled it up, and just pumped cheddar down their throats and dared them to do something with it. With a 41% whiff percentage, there’s no way to say Gerrit Cole didn’t dial it up to “Full shove it” mode. He was every bit as good as advertised, and to say that he didn’t pitch like an absolute stud is pretty ignorant to say.

Showing the Yankees Everything They’ve Been Missing

Masahiro Tanaka was the reliable arm for the postseason we’ve known for a while. He kept us in games with consistency, Cole is simply a different breed in October. He can dominate the zone and rack up strikeouts like it’s nobody’s business.  No one on our staff currently can dial it up to 100 and blow fastballs by people. He’s aggressive, he’s mean, he’s vindictive, and he showed us why we opened up the vault to sign him. Gerrit Cole was everything the Yankees wanted that night and now has another tall task ahead of him. A World Series title. The bar is high for Cole, but he’ll live up to that moment.

Having the Most Important Task Yet As a Yankee

We need Gerrit Cole, who has the potential to give the Yankees a path to victory in the ALDS, ALCS, and World Series. He needs to be locked in for the entire time in San Diego, as the season can end in this series. These Rays are our archrivals this year, and it would be huge to knock them out. If we want to get to the World Series this is the big bad team we need to get through. We aren’t going to be able to do it any other way. Gerrit Cole knows he’s a hero right now, but the narrative can change in a second.

Gerrit Cole had his signature Yankee moment in Cleveland, but that can’t be the end of it. He made solid work in his start against the Rays on Monday night. However, if it came down to a Game Five the Yankees will surely call on Cole on short rest. Hopefully it doesn’t get to that point, but if it does we know our ace will be ready. 

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