WRAPPED UP: Yankees helped by a Gardy Party, end the Bieber show early

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How yaaa doin’?

I’m Vin Bonaccorso, as you may know from watching the video above and well… this is is wrapped up.

As you can tell, from the Indians official Twitter; the Yankees had some funnnn.

Let’s start with the biggest story from day one of this insane “new” (and hopefully temporary) playoff format in the MLB..

Aaron Judge rose to the occasion, in his biggest tone setting at bat of the year. Absolutely unreal the big, larger than life yankee, took the triple crown winning, undisputed, inevitable Cy Young Award winner, deep to right center and set the tone bright and early.

Cole dealt his nastiest hand as a yankee yet. Striking out Indian, after Indian and escaping his very few jams of the game he got into. 13 K’s in 7 innings of pure dominance.

The ace, was a godsend tonight.

Gleyber woke up from a mini slump and tacked on a big homer plus an insurance run plating single.

But most of all, There was an event tonight in Cleveland. A special one… a party of sorts.

The bald, tough, scrappy lefty Brett Gardner dug deep and had a HUGE night for the Yankees and their game 1 win, capped off by a 2 run blast to center.

The Yankees did the damn thing tonight, I am in fact, not a Belieber.


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