3 Struggling Yankees Who Need to Figure It Out

The Yankees are not playing their best baseball going into the postseason, but who need to figure it out the most?

The Yankees play their final game of the shorten 60 game regular season today. It has been a season filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. After today the Yankees will either be the 5th seed or the 8th seed. A win gives them the 5th, and a loss gives them the 8th. The Yankees have once again limped to the end of the season and a couple of players are struggling. Here are three struggling Yankees that need to figure it out for the Postseason.

Yankees Luke Voit
Source: Getty Images

Luke Voit

Luke Voit has been the MVP for the Yankees this season and we wouldn’t be going to the postseason if we didn’t have him. Voit has had an MVP type season slashing .283/.342/.615 with 58 hits, five doubles, a league leading 21 home runs, and 49 RBIs. A lot of this has been done with what is called as “foot stuff”. It is clear that since the middle of the season Voit hasn’t been 100% but he has played through it all without signs of slowing down.

Recently, he has slowed down a bit and over his last 7 games Voit is slashing .250/.300/.464. Until yesterday, Voit had gone five games without a homer and if the Yankees want a deep postseason run Voit needs to play like he had been playing before the mini slump. 


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