Fantasy Football: Biggest Takeaways From First Two Weeks of 2020 NFL Season

With the first two weeks of the season underway, fantasy football owners should start to be sniffing out who might be a gem or a bust. 

Gem QB’s

Throughout the first two weeks of football, both Kyler Murray and Josh Allen have been electric. The two emerging stars, ranked 4th and 2nd respectively, have led their teams to fantastic starts. Kyler Murray has found a new best friend: Deandre Hopkins. He’s had more rushing touchdowns (three) than passing touchdowns(two), making him an extremely valuable QB for fantasy owners.

Josh Allen is playing a very similar style of football as Murray, in that he has also found his “Deandre Hopkins” in Stefon Diggs. Additionally, Allen has utilized the running game as well, as he is tied with Kyler for second place in rushing touchdowns among QB’s. These phenoms are both top candidates for steals of the draft this season and anyone who has either of these guys should hold onto them for the time being.

Bust QB’s

Without a doubt, Carson Wentz and Drew Brees have been the most disappointing QBs of 2020. They both have started the season off poorly, Wentz playing terribly and leading his team to an 0-2 start, and Brees dropping a game to the Raiders. Both these QB’s have proven their potential, but they both average less than 15, making them some of the worst players at their position. Many had high standards for these two but so far they have played well below expectations. My advice would be to let them sit in free agency and pick them up only if they get hot or you need an emergency QB.

Gem RB’s

Fantasy owners knew that going into 2020 Aaron Jones was going to be a risky bet. He had a fantastic 2019 season but also went through some issues being on such a packed offense in Green Bay. Jones was picked in the middle of the second round in most drafts and has without a doubt been one of the best steals of the draft. He is average in a whopping 30 points, which is 3 points higher than Alvin Kamara’s total of 27. He had a 44, yes you read that correctly, point week against Detroit and has shown no signs of slowing down. Expect Jones to continue on this hot streak and continue to cash out in the end zone.

Another RB that has exceeded expectations is Jonathan Taylor. Unfortunately for the Colts, Marlon Mack suffered a brutal Achilles injury that sidelined him for the rest of the season. However, Mack’s injury opened the doors for rookie stud Jonathan Taylor. Taylor, in his only week as the starting RB, he had an impressive, 18 fantasy points. Taylor should continue to get solid volume and be a critical piece of the Colts offense, which is sure to result in a very scary fantasy option. Both Jones and Taylor have showcased their serious potential, so continue to keep an eye on them and maybe try and trade for either of the two if the return is right.

Bust RB’s

Joe Mixon and Todd Gurley have gotten off to slow starts…but will their droughts continue? This is a really difficult question. Both Mixon and Gurley have begun the season abysmally, both averaging sub 10 points. Owners went in with very high expectations for the two young RB’s, and of course, those of which who drafted him has been disappointed. They are both no longer focal points of their offense. Burrow is throwing the ball a ridiculous amount of times per game, leaving Mixon without a sufficient amount of volume.

Matt Ryan has put up excellent numbers as he has found a new favorite target, Calvin Ridley, who, combined with Julio Jones, helps to form a top-5 WR duo in the NFL. This is bad news for Gurley, who needs more volume in the red zone to be more productive. Gurley has the volume and therefore the points will come, however, I think that if he continues to play this badly you need to trade him ASAP! I think both these guys have gotten off to truly awful start to the year, but I think you should give them a couple more weeks, letting them learn more about the offense, and then if they are still playing this bad consider trading them.

Gem WR’s

Deandre Hopkins and Stefon Diggs have one important thing in common: they have fit into their new offenses perfectly so far this season. D-Hop got shipped from the Texans to the Cardinals this offseason in a shocking deal, that looks like it is going to favor the Cardinals for a long time to come. Hopkins is off to a hot start in 2020, ranking 3rd place among WR in fantasy points. He has established a connection with second-year QB, Kyler Murray, faster than people expected him too, making him a huge threat in fantasy. Hopkins also has an astounding 22 receptions in the first two games of the year, making him all the more versatile.

Perhaps this year is the year that Stefon Diggs finally has that true WR1 season. He has shown so far that he is definitely worthy of that WR1 tag. In week two, Diggs caught eight passes for 153 yards and a touchdown, one of the best stat-lines of all WR last week. He is one of the best steals of the draft and I expect him to keep it up as the season goes along. Both Hopkins and Diggs have gotten off to fantastic starts, but the best fantasy WR, a player that no one could have predicted, hasn’t scored below 26 yet this season.

Calvin Ridley has been the most dominant wideout of the season thus far. In 16 receptions, Ridley has four touchdowns and 239 yards. He is making the strongest case for the steal of the draft and if he keeps this up, which I will admit is unlikely, he will without a doubt occupy that number one spot in the WR position.

Bust WR

Cooper Kupp, famous for his history of hot starts to fantasy seasons, has been very quiet in these first two weeks. Robert Woods has emerged as the clear WR1 and Tyler Higbee is evidently getting the red zone targets, considering his 3 touchdowns last Sunday. Kupp is averaging a disappointing 8.3 points per game and still has not caught a touchdown. This is a tough decision but I would recommend you hold onto him and wait him out. Shawn McVay is too smart to utilize Kupp in the offense.

Gem TE

To nobody’s surprise, Travis Kelce has been his usual self in 2020. The second-ranked fantasy TE, Kelce is averaging 17 fantasy points per game. He is still Pat Mahomes’ favorite target and is a reliable 12+ points. If you are a contender in your league, meaning that you need one more piece to win a championship, look to grab Travis Kelce.

How can you talk about surprising TE’s and not mention Darren Waller? He has been phenomenal and a critical piece of a Raider’s offense that is taking the NFL by storm. Waller is averaging 15 points per game, but he is also emerging as Derik Carr’s favorite target. Waller will certainly end the season as a top-five TE, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he puts together the best season at his position. Both these guys are obviously draft gems and will continue to dominate throughout the year.

Bust TE

Austin Hooper has been one of the more disappointing players of this season. He is on a Browns offense that is inconsistent and unpredictable so Hooper isn’t expected to have 12+ points a week. However, Hooper has been unbelievably bad so far. He has not found his role in the Cleveland offense. He only has 10 targets next to his name. I truly believe that if Hooper continues playing this badly he will be cut from the browns which are a real shame considering Hooper has no competition since Njoku got hurt. Consider trading Hooper of you have him and if you don’t and he is sitting in free agency, leave him there.

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