Yankees: 3 Biggest Question Marks Heading Into The Playoffs

Yankees Gleyber Torres
Source: Getty Images

The Defense

The Yankees have a rock-solid defensive outfield. Their biggest issue out there was Clint Frazier, but he has proved this season that he’s much improved in that department. Judge, Gardy, Tauchman, and Hicks are all capable out there. The issues mainly lie in the infield, especially at SS and 1B. Plain and simple, Gleyber Torres is not a good defensive shortstop. He can’t make the routine plays on a consistent basis, and that’s a big problem. Granted, Torres still has a lot of room to grow defensively and there’s hope that he will. The Yankees have no other SS options unless they want Tyler Wade out there.

Moving around the diamond, Gio has 3B locked down, and the same can be said for DJ at 2B. While Luke Voit has been working on his defense at 1B, it still leaves a lot to be desired. It also doesn’t help that he’s playing on one good foot which clearly impacts his movement. It can be fairly said that when the Yankees are sloppy, they are really, really bad. In goes without saying that in order to win a championship, you have to make the easy plays.

There is no question that the Yankees have what it takes to win it all. All three of these listed “holes” are ones that can be fixed. The bullpen is top-notch, we have seen the defense be there, and as for Aaron Boone, we have to hope he will manage this team correctly. The Yankees have had issues combining every aspect of the game into one solid win, and they need to make it happen for a deep October run.

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