Yankees: 3 Biggest Question Marks Heading Into The Playoffs

Aaron Boone
Source: Getty Images

Aaron Boone’s Decision Making

Over the course of this wacky season, we have seen Aaron Boone make some really questionable decisions, and the majority of the time it has to do with bullpen use and late defensive changes. Resting players that should be playing every day is another issue, but it’s likely that those decisions are not just on Boone. One of Boone’s biggest criticisms as a manager is his tendency to try and steal outs from his pitchers. There have been countless times where it’s clear that a pitcher simply does not have it. Instead of pulling said pitcher, Boone hopes to steal that last out or two instead of burning another arm. A logical explanation for that is the Yankees have a blueprint and want to stick to it. But in the postseason, that blueprint has to go out of the window.

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