Yankees: 3 Biggest Question Marks Heading Into The Playoffs

The Yankees have woken up, but with the playoffs right around the corner,  it’s time to think about the team’s biggest issues.

A couple of weeks ago, there was a laundry list of problems with the New York Yankees. They were 21-21 and in danger of being leapfrogged in the American League playoffs by none other than the new Yankee killer Ryan Mountcastle and the Baltimore Orioles.  Fingers were being pointed all over from the fan base and media, and it even led to emerging team leader Luke Voit to speak about his displeasures with the team. Of course, the Yankees got back on track and rattled off 10 wins in a row. But, we can’t dismiss the issues that caused them to go 5-15 at one point.

Aroldis Chapman
Source: Getty Images

The Bullpen

During that 5-15 stretch, the Yankees couldn’t hold onto a lead late in the game. They blew leads to the Braves, Mets, Blue Jays, and so on. Even the big arms like Chad Green, Adam Ottavino, and Aroldis Chapman were responsible for losing these leads. These are arms that the Yankees have to rely on if they want to win number 28 this season. Outside of the high leverage arms, the team needs players like Cessa, Loaisiga, and Holder to really step up and eat innings.

If the starters can’t go deep into the ballgame, then the game will be on the shoulders of a couple of those names to bridge the gap to get to the back end of the pen. There may be names that aren’t mentioned here that will be seen in close games due to the fact that there are no off days after the Wild Card round. It’s going to be all hands on deck.

There’s no denying that the Yankees have one of the top bullpens in the league. They just cannot have a repeat of what we saw a couple of weeks ago.

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