Yankees: 3 Under the Radar Pitchers Heading Into October

With the expanded postseason the Yankees will have to use more pitchers than normal, but which ones will need to step up?

The Yankees are currently on fire right now, winners of their last seven games. They have scored 33 runs in the last two games and have completely outmatched the Blue Jays. As of right now, The Yankees are locked into the five seed in the postseason and would face the Twins if the season ended today. Pitching has always been the thing keeping the Yankees from winning it all the past few seasons and they will need it a lot more in the newly expanded postseason this year.

The extra series and no days off from the ALDS-the ALCS means that the Yankees will need to rely on a lot of pitchers. Here are three under the radar pitchers that will be vital for a deep postseason run.

J.A. Happ
Source: Getty Images

J.A. Happ

I never thought I’d say another positive thing about Happ again, but here we are. Happ as of late has been very strong for the Yankees. In four of his last five starts, Happ has allowed two runs or less. He has looked more and more like the guy we traded for in 2018 and that would be a huge boost for the team. With the expanded postseason and the limited off days, the Yankees will need to have extra arms and 4-5 starters.

Monty should not be trusted in the postseason and Happ has shown he can handle it. If Happ continues to pitch the way he has been pitching, he will truly be a weapon on that staff and vital to a deep postseason run.

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