Yankees: 3 Most Disappointing Players of 2020

Mike Tauchman
Source: Getty Images

Mike Tauchman

This one is the most shocking as Tauchman looked really good during summer camp and we hoped that he would be able to build off of last season. That sadly has not been the case as Tauchman looks like the player he was before we sent him down to the minors. So far in 2020, Tauchman is slashing .265/.367/.325 with 22 hits, five doubles, zero home runs, and 11 RBIs. Now you may look at that slash line and think he isn’t having a bad year, but when you watch him you can see he is struggling. Tauchman has lost the power that he surprised us with last season. He also has been unable to hit a fastball all year, he isn’t even touching low 90’s.  Tauchman and the Yankees need to figure out what he is doing wrong or he may be sent down when Judge and Stanton get back. 

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