The New York Yankees Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves

The New York Yankees are hovering near fourth place in the American League East in the midst of a shameful season.

It is September 9, 2020, and the New York Yankees are 6.5 games out of the American League East and currently the number eight seed in the playoff race. To make matters even worse, they are only 0.5 games ahead of the Baltimore Orioles for that final playoff spot. If the Yankees continue playing at the atrocious level they have been lately, they will fall out of the playoff race as soon as tonight.

This team has shown no signs of heart or passion during this cold streak that has almost lasted a month of putrid baseball. Where is the aggression of the offense? They cannot come through with runners on base and can never get a big hit when they have a big opportunity in front of them. Everything has gotten so bad that GM Brian Cashman had to give the team a talk on Tuesday to try and light a spark, something manager Aaron Boone cannot do.

“Every now and then, when I feel it’s appropriate, I’m not afraid to gather the troops,” Brian Cashman said on Tuesday. “I wanted to remind them first and foremost that I believe in them, that everyone is in this room for some reason.”

It is painful to watch Aaron Boone take the press conference table after every loss and spew nonsense that he has liked what he has seen and that the team is on the verge of turning the corner. This team needs a kick in the teeth to wake them up and it seems like they don’t have anyone to do it for them.

“We have not played to our capabilities the last couple of weeks,” Boone said. “It’s a rough stretch to get to that point. We still have time to turn this thing around, and I’m confident we will. But we’re .500 right now. That’s the reality of the situation.”

If the Yankees do not make the playoffs this season, there needs to be a massive cleaning of the house within the organization. Personally, I think that manager Aaron Boone and hitting coach Marcus Thames would be the two main pieces to replace. It is clear that Boone does not have the ability to wake his team up in a time of distress and could possibly be a little too friendly with his players which can cause a lack of motivation.

Let’s just say that even if the Yankees do find a way into the postseason this year, it is highly unlikely they will be able to go the distance. They just need to start playing like they actually care about these games and show some sort of heart because based on the way they have been playing lately, they should be ashamed of themselves.

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