The Yankees need to move on from Aaron Boone

The Yankees are in a horrible slump that has put them at 21-18, change needs to come and it needs to start with Aaron Boone.

It was honestly a shock to everyone when the Yankees did not resign Joe Girardi at the end of the 2017 season. Girardi, with the help of Aaron Judge, brought the Yankees within one game of the World Series and they would have made it if the Astros weren’t cheating. After the series, Girardi’s contract was not renewed and the Yankees had to get a new manager. They hired Aaron Boone and it has failed.

In 2018, Boone was gifted the best team in baseball that had also just added 2017 NL MVP, Giancarlo Stanton. Boone led the Yankees to a 100-62 record and the Wild Card game. The Yankees won the Wild Card and faced the Redsox in the ALDS. The Yankees were destroyed in four games and Boone was heavily out managed by Alex Cora.

During the ALDS Boone often left starters in way too long and in game-three brought in Austin Romine to pitch. A position player pitching in the postseason against our biggest rival. Nice job Boone!

Going into 2019, Boone needed to improve as the Yankees window was projected to start all along in 2019. The 2019 season was filled with injuries and for the most part, Boone did a decent job. The team didn’t play well cause of the manager, he is just a puppet. The only things Boone did well last year was his couple ejections that seemed to fire up the team, but for the most part, he did nothing.

2020 has been an awful year for not only the Yankees but for Aaron Boone. It is no question that this year, Boone is the worst manager in baseball. I have never seen a manager leave a starting pitcher in the game too long multiple games in a row. Each time Boone thinks the pitcher has stuff left they always give up homers. He also has been bringing in the wrong bullpen arms and at times is saved by the Yankees lineup.

Boone also pissed off Gerrit Cole so much that he was broken for two games. He also decided that runners on first and second with two outs in a 3-2 game was the perfect spot for Clarke Schmidt to make his debut. The Yankees have been terrible since their 16-6 start and now we sit at 21-18 and Boone still doesn’t think the team needs a pep talk.

Aaron Boone doesn’t have the guts to rip into the team when needed. He is just there to be their friend and that will not get us to the World Series. Boone has an option at the end of the season and it should not be picked up. If the Yankees want to win a World Series they need to get rid of Boone.


  1. Boone had zero managerial experience when he was hired. His lack of that has been exposed numerous times over his tenure. I agree with the author of this issue. Unless he can get the team turned around, the Yankees should definitely not renew his contract.

  2. Ok first, I agree with your opinion that he should be fired. However, you are a terrible writer and do a piss poor job communicating your arguments. Boone is obsessed with analytics. He over shifts the infield which costs the Yanks so many games, we would be better off it we played straight up all the time. Boone errs on the side of caution, resting everyone, sending them to the IL for a slight injury, and has way too much faith in slumping players. Constantly shifting the line-up doesn’t allow anyone to settle in to their spot. Judge should not be batting 2nd, and doing so wastes his power in a contact spot in the line up. He has too many “favorites” and because he was a sub-par player, believes that scrappy young players can blossom if given the chance(Wade, Ford, etc). I believe Cashman combined with every manager we have had, including Torre, are terrible at managing a bullpen that is over-depended upon. There is something going on behind the scenes in the organization that is resulting in the massive amount of injuries every year. They fired the entire training staff after last year and we are still dealing with rashes of lower body injuries. Boone needs to go, his flaws are usually masked because he is still managing the Yankees who are talented enough to win more then they will lose but he loses more games for us then he wins.

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