Gerrit Cole shows his disappointment after being crushed by Rays

In his second consecutive start, Gerrit Cole got rocked, and based on his postgame press conference, he is clearly very disappointed. 

When the Yankees signed Gerrit Cole to his nine-year, $324 million deal, many fans unrealistically expected him to never hit a bump in the road in the Bronx. Well, here we are and after his second consecutive poor start, Cole is beginning to wear his emotions on his sleeve and show how frustrated he is.

On Monday night against the division-leading Tampa Bay Rays, Cole only pitched five innings, giving up four runs on eight hits with seven walks. It was not night the Yankees needed out of Cole, nor the one they wanted.

“We all pretty much tip pretty much every game. How many pitches a game I don’t know. Some days the other team has an edge four, five, six, seven pitches. Some days it might be more,’’ said Cole, who lost a second straight game after winning 20 in a row and is 4-2. “Some hitters look for it, some hitters don’t. I think the point is there are several different factors that are contributing to certainty to which guys are getting their swings off in certain counts so I am looking into it.’’

It was evident in Cole’s postgame press conference that he was on the verge of snapping at any moment. We know how much this man wants to win and how much of a perfectionist he truly is, so we just have to hope that he can turn the ship around in time for his next start.

For anyone who is doubting Gerrit Cole’s contract based on two rough starts, shame on you. Unfortunately, we all know how brutal the Yankees fanbase can be sometimes, they either love you like one of their own when you’re doing well, or they despise you like the enemy when you are struggling.

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