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Chicken Bucket Boys Ep. 18: The Yankees Have The Potential To Make The BIGGEST Trade Of The Offseason

The eighteenth episode of the Chicken Bucket Boys Podcast is brought to you by your hosts Paraskevas Xenophontos and Brian DeGennaro.

The eighteenth episode of the Chicken Bucket Boys Podcast is presented by Unhinged Media & PTX Media.

In this episode of the Chicken Bucket Boys podcast, the boys discuss whether or not the Yankees should even consider trading Aaron Judge this offseason.


  1. Hey Guys, I haven’t checked out the site in awhile but I had to listen to the trading Judge podcast episode. I feel some of his injuries were fluky (esp the rib one). As fans, you hate to see them but unfortunately there’s no specific way to shield a player from another injury to the same body part. So no I wouldn’t want to see Judge traded but if you could get max value over the winter my idea wouldn’t be a bunch of prospects. They’d have to get a bonafide #2 to put next to Cole, maybe a solid infielder like DJ that can hit & play more than 1 spot (since don’t yet know how depth plays out), then some solid prospects (OF for 1) that are close to majors. They have plenty of prospects and wouldn’t need to add guys to the A levels. I have to admit that one got the mind juices working. I’ll be watching more of them for sure. Thanks!

  2. Instead of trade for Stanton, trade for that money would of allotted to pay Judge and Torres their payday and and retain their free agent such as Paxton, Tanaka ,Lemaiu Didi and etc.

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