Yankees: Is It Time To Hit The Panic Button?

The Yankees have been swept by the Braves in Wednesday’s doubleheader and look completely lost as a team, but is it time to panic?

After each depleting loss, there is a growing sense of urgency for this team to wake up. Having plenty of rest over the course of the weekend, there was bound to be a positive mindset radiating throughout the ball club. Well, things didn’t go as planned. The IL Yankees were swept by the IL Braves and no one knows who to point the finger at.

Aaron Judge
Source: Getty Images

Taking Tanaka out at 66 pitches seemed like another Boone micro-manage decision but it turns out Tanaka really did not have much left in the tank. Kind of concerning no? I’m aware of the fact that he hasn’t been stretched out over the course of the season, but I’m sure pitching in sim games and not being injured has been able to see his workload increase. I stand corrected because that is certainly not the case. We need Tanaka to settle into that number two spot behind Mr. Cole.

The elephant in the room with Aaron Judge being injured again is starting to bother me. I don’t understand how he could come out and say “I’m 100%” and get injured in a seven-inning game. I’m legitimately at a loss for words. He can’t stay healthy and it’s hard not to get mad at him. What does this mean for the future of the franchise? Will his contract be as massive as people and analysts say it will be? It’s going to be the most intriguing offseason storyline for the Yankees. 

With the five-game skid looking like it might last another couple of games. What is something we truly need? Is it offensive reinforcements or is it another rotation piece? My guess is the offense is going to turn it around and the pitching is going to need another boost. It seems as if Gerrit Cole feels like he has this huge burden to carry even though we have the depth to make it work. Clarke Schmidt wouldn’t be a bad option, but the postseason might be too big of a spot for him.  

It’s still too early to panic in my opinion. I know where the Rays are at and I know the Yankees look dismantled. However, we still got this. We’re the New York Yankees for god sake. This is far from over and this team still has a ton of fight in them. The postseason is the real test and when this team will get into its midseason groove. In the meantime be prepared for sloppy play but for some great wins down the line.

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