Yankees: 3 Internal Moves That Should Be Made

With a couple of weeks in the books, the Yankees issues have surfaced but what moves should be made to make them better?

Clarke Schmidt
Source: Getty Images
1. Call-up Clarke Schmidt

In recent years, the question that surrounds the Yankees at the trade deadline has been which pitcher should they target? With their starting pitching struggling a bit to start the season, that question has once again been brought up. Who could those targets be? Trevor Bauer? Lance Lynn? No doubt those guys are quality pitchers that could help the team but are they necessary? The big difference this year is that the Yankees don’t have to look at outside options to strengthen the rotation.

One guy all Yankees fans are excited to see is Clarke Schmidt. He absolutely showed out during spring training and summer camp, yet he has still yet to get a chance in the majors. With J.A. Happ looking horrible, Schmidt could be brought up to fill that spot. Not only will he help the rotation this season, but he has the potential to be a strong piece for years to come.

So, what’s the wait? Service time manipulation. The longer the Yankees wait to call him up, the longer they will have him under control. The fact of the matter is the Yankees can’t afford to be greedy with his time. Schmidt deserves a chance to pitch for the Yankees this year, and he can really help them out.

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