Yankees: Who Should Replace Giancarlo Stanton?

Giancarlo Stanton is going to the IL and the Yankees find themselves in need to replace his spot again, but which player should take his spot?

The Yankees split their doubleheader against the Rays yesterday, but it wasn’t without issues. Giancarlo Stanton was pinch-hit for in the 6th inning, in what was a clutch situation. Earlier in the game, he had run to second base on a wild pitch and that is where his hamstring tightened up.  Boone reported after the game that Stanton will get an MRI, and is likely to go on the IL.

Giancarlo Stanton
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When healthy Giancarlo Stanton is an MVP type player who is capable of carrying the team, but since 2019, Stanton has been unable to stay on the field.  It is acceptable to consider Stanton injury-prone now as these aren’t freak injuries, these are muscle strains that can be prevented. We shouldn’t have to worry about Stanton getting hurt running the bases, is he not even stretching? With Stanton going on the IL it opens up a big spot for the Yankees lineup.

The first player that comes to mind is Mike Ford, he has been hitting the ball extremely well for the Yankees and should slide into the DH spot. The Yankees have been missing that big lefty bat in the lineup and Ford fits it perfectly. In the first game of the doubleheader, Ford batted third, and in his second at-bat, he crushed a fastball from Glasnow out for a 2-run homer.

The move would allow the Yankees to have both Ford and Voit in the lineup which would be very interesting. The Yankees will probably call up Miggy again and slot him into the DH role as well. The Yankees should not do this as Miggy looked terrible in his short time with the Yankees this year. Even though he was not getting a lot of playing time, his at-bats were terrible and showed no signs of life. Miggy in the outfield is also a terrible idea and should not be entertained. The ball that he booted against the Redsox was enough for fans to realize that this man is a career DH.

There is one man that the Yankees need to bring up because of this injury is Clint Frazier. He showed us last year that his bat is legit and is fully capable of hitting in the middle of the order. Even in Summer Camp this year, Frazier looked a lot better at the plate and his defense seemed to be better. It seems that Frazier is below Andújar and Gardner in the outfield depth. This is terrible as Frazier is better than both of them and his bat has 30+ homer potential. Clint Frazier makes the Yankees a better team.

If the Yankees want to put the best team out there on the field every day, then they need to call up Frazier to take Stanton’s spot.

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