Yankees: Is it Time to Upgrade the Starting Rotation?

J.A. Happ had an awful performance last night, and with the short season, is it time for the Yankees to upgrade the starting rotation?

J.A. Happ
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Pitching wins playoff games and unfortunately, the Yankees starting rotation minus Gerrit Cole and Jordan Montgomery have been downright terrible. There is no way after last night’s performance should J.A. Happ have another start during this shortened season. It sounds cliché to say, but every game counts and the Yankees cannot afford to start him again. What fans have had to endure with this guy over the past two years is insufferable. How can there be any confidence within the lineup if they know they’re going to have to produce seven-plus runs each outing? There comes a point in time where Aaron Boone has to put his foot down and demand more out of Happ or vouch for a prospect like Clarke Schmidt to pitch.

While most fans would like to see a trade, it doesn’t seem like a realistic option to trade for a quality starter at this time. Teams will most likely hold onto their top tier starters with the expanded playoffs. The Yankees look like the best team in baseball, but how could we not worry after the past three years when the starting rotation has been the weakness all along. Gerrit Cole is only one man and the burden has already been placed on him. Losing Luis Severino is the worst possible thing to happen to this team at the moment. Having a sure-fire number two guy is critical with guys like Happ and Paxton underperforming.

Two name that comes to mind if they were to trade for a starting pitcher is Mike Minor and Robbie Ray. Both are established workhorses who could eat up innings and put their heads down and play ball. Over the years, I have been very fond of these two pitchers in particular Robbie Ray. The numbers aren’t too promising to start the year for Ray, but he has been in trade rumors for the past two years and a change of scenery could elevate his level of play. In regards to Mike Minor, the numbers aren’t pretty either, but the level of talent the Yankees have to trade for these two is minimal with huge upside in return.

It is the Yankees season to lose yet again. They hold all the cards in the deck. The offense is potent, the bullpen is lethal, and the starting rotation has the potential to be a force in the postseason. With a little bit of luck in regards to prospects coming up and pitching well or a trade that significantly improves the rotation, we’re staring at number 28 right in the face. We got it Yankee Universe lets do this thing.

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