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Will The Marlins COVID-19 Outbreak End The MLB Season?

We are currently in troubling times due to COVID-19, but with a recent outbreak on the Miami Marlins, could this mean the end of the season?

It is being reported by Jeff Passan of ESPN that 14 players on the Marlins have tested positive for COVID-19 and even though most of these players are asymptomatic, this is still troubling for the MLB season.

Due to this outbreak, the Yankees will also suffer because their game tonight against the Phillies has been postponed due to concerns that the Marlins could have possibly started an outbreak on the Phillies as well in these past 3 games at Citizens Bank Ballpark.

The Phillies will not receive their results until Tuesday, the earliest, which will be the biggest make or break moment of the 2020 MLB season. If there are little to no positive tests on their roster, the season can likely continue as normal, but if the Phillies have an outbreak as well, this will likely be the end of the 2020 season.

This is such a frustrating worst-case scenario that could have been avoided with MLB having more comprehensible protocol heading into the season. However, the end of the season might be exactly what Rob Manfred wants since it is evident he despises the game of baseball anyway. 

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