It’s Time For Brett Gardner To Take A Step Back

The Yankees have only played two games this season, but if there is one thing that stands out already it’s that Brett Gardner should be benched.

One might say, it’s not smart to go on a rant two games into the season. This rant has been years in the making and it’s finally time someone says what needs to be said. The Yankees have great depth in the outfield, but they aren’t putting their best players out there. Brett Gardner should not be the starting left fielder for the Yankees.

The fact that Gardner was our number five-hitter on opening day was absolutely terrible. Gardner is not a middle of the order hitter, nor should he be even starting on the team right now. On Thursday, Gardner came up twice with a chance for a big hit and to add on to the lead. Both times he failed by striking out.


How many times do we have to see this happen before someone realizes that it’s time to bench him as he is hurting the team. He is playing cause he is a good fielder and is currently the longest tendered Yankee. Who cares though? The Yankees are trying to win the World Series and need to put out the best team possible and Gardner is not part of it.

Yesterday, Gardner again hurt the team this time with his fielding. It was a shallow fly ball into left and Gardner dropped the ball when it was in his glove. Now I know that it was a difficult play, but for a player that is really playing for his glove, he should be making that play.

Gardner’s bat has also been nonexistent since the end of the regular season last year. The only reason he hit a career-high in homers in because the ball was juiced last year. When Gardner goes oppo not once, but twice, you know there is something wrong with the ball. The man is a product of Yankee Stadium and if the Yankees want to do something now it starts with benching Gardner.

If you think about it, something that has hurt us in the postseason is Gardner. In his postseason career he has slashed, .196/.260/.252 with 32 hits(163 at-bats), three doubles, two home runs, and 16 RBIs. All of this is in a total of 61 postseason games. The guy disappears when we need the team the most and us fans are sick and tired of him not producing anymore.


Mike Tauchman has shown that he is better than Gardner right now. He is one of the best defenders in baseball and his bat has been great since post-All-Star break last season. Clint Frazier has also shown that he is far better than Gardner. While Frazier is not great with the glove, his bat is electric and makes up for the lack of defense. At this point, I’ll even take Miggy in left because his bat makes the Yankees so much better.

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  1. dumb claim by Kramer.

    there’s not a darn thing wrong with Gardner’s defense and ferdamsure Frazier hasn’t shown that he’s better than the old man.

    Frazier can hit but he’s a butcher in the field, Frazier’s best position is right field but he’s fourth string behind the Judge and Stanton and Hicks for that position.

    as for Gardner, he’s already taken a step back. he only was re-signed for this final season because Hicks was injured and he only will be getting starting assignments as part of an outfield rotation unless other guys get hurt or Gardy gets hot at the plate

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