The Yankee Difference: Hope in The Midst of Uncertainty

In times of uncertainty people tend to rely on sports to keep them going, but just how important have the Yankees been during this time?

During these uncertain times, it’s hard to find a silver lining. The unknown can be lonely and scary, which is why the Yankees are more important to us now than they have ever before. Baseball will always bring people together, whether they are family or strangers sitting next to each other at the stadium.

No matter what your background is or where you come from, you can always bond with your neighbor over nine innings, roasted peanuts, a cold beer, and a quality hot dog with stadium mustard.

Like Curtis Granderson said, “when you’re losing, you see what your team is made of.” As a nation and across the globe, we are experiencing a tremendous amount of loss. Yet seeing how many people have come together to fight a common enemy provides inspiration to us all.

It is human nature to search for things that bring back a sense of normalcy and comfort. The Yankees do just that. They are timeless, transcending generations, fads, phases, and tragedy. In times like this, they will provide us with a sense of routine that we’ve so sorely missed.

Baseball connects us when we are and feel so separated. The memories we have while watching with family and friends are both cherished and vital during these times. With every new game, The Yankees will bring back a sense of community that we’ve lost over the past few months.

We will tune into every game, watch every season, and come back for more even after a loss because of how the game makes us feel. Sure, we hope that the Yankees will be victorious.  At least for now, I’ll be remembering Joe’s hitting streak, Reggie’s three home runs, Bucky’s moon shot over the Green Monster, and Derek’s relay from nowhere to get him at the plate.

Because every Yankees fan has a story of their team overcoming adversity.  That’s what the Yankees do – they give us hope; hope for finding comfort through the uncertainty, for embracing our new normal for as long as it lasts, and focusing on the glimmers of light that can still bring joy to our daily lives.

No one knows when the pandemic will end, but our love of the game of baseball and our team gives us something to hold onto and to talk to each other about.  Instead of reading the latest headlines as they scroll across the bottom of the screen, we can reminisce about the time we caught a ball at the stadium or joined the entire city of New York as we flooded the streets after another World Series title. These are the memories we can hold tight because, after all, The Yankees are our Navy-lining.

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