Yankees: 5 Hot Takes for the 2020 Season

Anything can happen in this shortened season for the Yankees, but what are five of the boldest predictions for the 2020 season?

Nothing about this season will be normal. It is shorter than ever before and there are many restrictions. A short season opens the door to some crazy things to happen in baseball.  Here are five of the hottest takes I could come up with that could potentially happen for the Yankees. Keep in mind that the odds of all of these happening are incredibly slim, which is why they are called “hot takes” 

Luke Voit
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#1: Luke Voit or Aaron Judge should hit leadoff for the Yankees as opposed to DJ LeMahieu

In the leadoff spot, what matters the most is the hitter’s track record of getting on base. With that being said, it is a bit more complicated. In 2019, LeMahieu had a .375 OBP which is incredible. However, he only had a 7.0 BB%. Why does it matter if he gets hits and gets on base anyway? It matters because I would rather have that hitting production in potential run-producing opportunities (with runners in scoring position).

As a leadoff hitter, LeMahieu would have fewer potential plate appearances with runners on base. With that being said, someone like Luke Voit whos on-base percentage is similar to LeMahieu’s (although slightly higher at .378), would be better because his BB% is 13.9. Looking at Aaron Judge, we see the same thing as Voit. Judge is clearly the Yankees best hitter, which you might want hitting somewhere from 2-3 in the order. However, because he has a career 16.1 BB% and a .394 OBP, he would also be an incredible leadoff hitter. 

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  1. #1: Luke Voit or Aaron Judge should hit leadoff for the Yankees as opposed to DJ LeMahieu


    nope. Hicks should bat leadoff while DJ is out

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