Yankees: Power Ranking the Scheduled Opponents

With baseball back, who will be the Yankees’ toughest opponent between the American League and National League East this season?

Not too long ago, we looked at the Yankees’ potential division opponents if MLB went with their considered “Three State Plan” of Florida, Arizona, and Texas. The Yankees would be in the Grapefruit League North Division and would be opposed by the Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates, Toronto Blue Jays, and Detroit Tigers.

Well, now that baseball is back (or at least plans to be), the MLB has kept divisions the same, but scheduling has taken a turn instead. Each division will be scheduled against the same geographical division in the National League. In other words, the Yanks would duke it out against the teams in their division, but also play the teams in the National League East, too. With this information, let’s power rank the Yankees’ 2020 scheduled opponents.

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9. Baltimore Orioles

If you’re a Yankee fan, this really is no surprise. The Orioles were an abysmal 54-108 in 2019, and the Yankees blew them away in head-to-head competition, winning 17 out of 19 games played and taking 16 straight to close out last season against the Birds. When you have awful pitching and mediocre hitting, a team being this bad isn’t really a shocker.

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