Yankees: 3 Players with Something To Prove in 2020

The Yankees always have something to prove, and it is no different in this shortened season, but which players have the most to prove in 2020?

Finally, we are getting baseball in 2020. It is going to be a shortened season, with only 60 games being played, but it’s still just as important. Just because it is short doesn’t mean it matter less. There are a bunch of players that need 2020 to prove a point. Here are Yankees that have something to prove in 2020.

James Paxton
Source: Getty Images

James Paxton

James Paxton‘s future would have been extremely different if a 2020 season was not scheduled. For those who may have forgotten, Paxton’s contract is up at the end of the year. He is free to become a free agent for the first time in his career after this season. Paxton would have been better off with a full season as he still needs to prove many aspects of his game if he wants a big contract.

Paxton was great for the Yankees last year, but there is one part of his game that is worrying. He hasn’t thrown over 160 innings in a season yet. To start the year he had surgery and was going to miss all of April until the season got pushed back.

The Yankees liked what they saw with Paxton last year, especially down the stretch, but Paxton is a Boras Client and will be asking for a lot of money. For Paxton to get a decent contract from the Yankees he needs to have an injury-free shortened season. I wouldn’t be surprised if Paxton signs a one year prove it deal at the end of the year though. 2020 is a huge year for Paxton and will decide his future and whether or not it’s with the Yankees.

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