MLB: Does the 2020 World Series Champion deserve an Asterisk?

It is still not clear whether or not an MLB season will be played in 2020, but if there is, does the World Series winner deserve full credit?

If anyone knows if and when the MLB season will start can someone inform me? Starting to lose my mind just a bit. With the MLBPA and the owners seemingly not working out a deal to this date, the growing sense of having a season is dwindling each day. Having a 50-60 game season is better than nothing and prorated salaries should be the number one priority to get this thing underway. While the waiting game is being played, would the World Series really count knowing this isn’t a normal season?

Say there is a 50 game season, the Nationals would not have been in the postseason in 2019. Would the Yankees make the playoffs? Most likely, but one bad stretch and the season might be in jeopardy. Every game counts and that’s what I love about a season with these types of ramifications. Hypothetically speaking, the postseason is the whole entire season and that means no days of rest for top stars and letting your best pitchers pitch no matter the situation. Having an unlikely World Series champion could be possible, but I see this working out to be a major success for the MLB.


While there wouldn’t be any fans nor do we know what each teams’ schedule would like, each team is in the same predicament. No home field is the biggest take away from this shortened season. This does play a huge role in any sport but this creates chaos; no one has an advantage. A surprise team that I could see dominating the year is the New York Mets. The optimism and swagger the Mets come out with each year is impeccable and something that could benefit them the whole way. Their streaky hitting and top-five rotation is suited for this style of play so do not be surprised if we see a potential Subway series World Series.

I would expect the usual teams to make the playoffs, however. The AL seems to be set with the Yankees, Astros, Twins, Rays, and Indians. While there is still uncertainty in NL, the Braves, Dodgers, Cardinals, Mets, and Nationals all seem like the best bet to push forward into postseason play. Three teams from the NL East, I am aware, but if they all do not have to play each other those are three serious contenders.

If the season is slated to play in 2020, there would be no asterisk. Are the best players in the world playing on national television with the stakes being at an all-time high? Absolutely. Millions will watch, social media will be on fire, and the 2020 MLB season will be one of the best seasons we have ever seen. If the World Series happens and the Yankees somehow win it, I will see you all at the virtual parade.

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