Derek Jeter Would Have ‘Left NYC’ If Yankees Lost 2000 World Series

Derek Jeter was the definition of a Yankee throughout his time in New York. He even mentioned he would have left NYC if they lost the 2000 World Series. 

The Yankees took on the Mets in a battle for New York in the 2000 World Series. One player who clearly took that year’s fall classic to heart was Yankees legend, Derek Jeter.

“I’ve joked about it before, but I really mean it – I moved to Manhattan when I was 21 years old, but if we didn’t win that World Series against the Mets, I think I would’ve moved out of the city,” Jeter told Jack Curry. “In my mind, it was a battle for New York, and we were playing for something pretty special, winning three championships in a row.”


He really means it when he says if they lost to the Mets he would have “left NYC”. Now, this doesn’t mean he would have left the Yankees, but he would have likely moved back to Jersey.

It is evident that Jeter went all out in the 2000 Subway Series, where he won MVP and hit .409 over five World Series games. His biggest moment that year was his leadoff home run in Game 4 in Shea Stadium that gave the Yankees momentum that they never lost. This was more than just a regular World Series for him, this was his everything.

“I felt as though we had everything to lose. I hate it when a team says, ‘well, we have nothing to lose,’ because you have a World Series to lose.” Jeter said. “But, I think for us it was a little bit more than that, so thank God we were able to win that series.”


Say what you want about Jeter, but there is no doubt that he played like his hair was on fire whenever the Yankees needed him the most. Not only did he play to make himself proud, but he played to represent the city of New York.

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