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Unhinged Talk Ep. 20: Do The “Kids” Really Want To Play? (Video)

In the twentieth episode of Unhinged Talk, the team discusses why some MLB players should be disgusted with their current mentality. 

The twentieth episode of Unhinged Talk is brought to you by your hosts Patrick Hennessy, Vin Bonaccorso, Brandon Kramer, and Paraskevas Xenophontos.

In this episode, they discuss the current negotiation battle between the MLBPA and MLB to get baseball back on the field. Some players, *cough* Blake Snell *cough* are refusing to leave their ego at the door and are acting like making millions of dollars to pitch in 10 starts is a travesty for them. 

It’s just ironic because the whole marketing narrative of last season was “let the kids play”, but now it seems like the “kids” don’t even want to play. 

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