MLB Teams Set To Release Over 1,000 Minor League Players Over The Next Week (Report)

MLB teams just keep digging their grave deeper. Now, releasing over 1,000 minor league players is not a good look for the league in general. 

According to Jeff Passan of ESPN, “Across baseball, hundreds of minor league players were cut today and lost their jobs, sources tell ESPN. Hundreds more will be released over the next week. In the end, upward of 1,000 players could see their baseball careers end. The minor leagues have simply been devastated.

This is devastating news to hear on a Thursday afternoon, especially with all of the other chaos going on in the world as well. Due to the owners being financially cheap, thousands of players will now be out of a job and will no longer have a baseball career.


As Passan mentioned, cuts do happen in normal years, but not in such large quantities as this is going to be. It has also been reported that there will be no minor league season in 2020 regardless of whether or not MLB is able to get their own games on the field.

This is an unprecedented situation and we can only hope that these players will be able to find a way to support themselves during such a difficult time.

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