The Yankees Have Been Cleared To Resume Spring Training

After almost two months of no baseball activities, the Yankees have been cleared by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to resume Spring Training activities. 

New York’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo, announced on Sunday that professional sports teams based out of New York, including the Yankees, would be able to resume activities to get ready for the season.

However, there is still no plan yet that has been agreed on by MLB and the MLBPA, but the hope is still to get the 2020 season underway sometime around early July. The main issue that still needs to be figured out is how the player’s salaries will be worked out. While the players want their normal salaries, the owners aren’t on that same page.

While Cuomo suggested that teams would be able to return to their home stadiums to resume spring training, it is doubtful that the Yankees will do so. They have been planning on returning the club to Tampa to prepare for the upcoming season. This is because New York is still one of the states most affected by COVID-19.

Personally, I am confident that we will see baseball played in 2020. It will not be the same game that we are used to watching on TV, but with everything going on in the world, it will be better than nothing.


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  1. Tampa is a good choice, better weather & I believe it still has the same dimensions as Yankee Stadium! Let’s go Yanks #28 this short season year! All healthy, be safe! I would also like to thanks the Yankees organization * many players that helped contribute to the Yankee working staff, the Dr. Nurse & other hero’s and victims of the Corona virus!

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