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It’s Time To Leave Aaron Judge’s Girlfriend Alone

Aaron Judge’s girlfriend has been the main piece of Yankees news lately after she name-dropped the right fielder after being pulled over for a DUI. 

If you scrolled through Yankees news on Friday, the only information you probably found from any news outlet or blog was a video of Aaron Judge’s girlfriend, Samantha Bracksieck, name-dropping the right fielder after being pulled over for a DUI in Arizona.

“I just need to get home,” she told police. “Do you know who my boyfriend is? This is going to be bad for me. I’m just saying that right now.”


Clearly this is a situation that is not a good look for Samantha and there is no defending here, but the point I’m trying to make here is that it’s insignificant in the realm of things and should not be considered as “news” regarding the New York Yankees. The actions of Aaron Judge’s girlfriend should have no reflection on him, despite this being the message that the media is attempting to portray.

This is an example of taking one of the biggest stars in the game and invading their privacy to criticize and expose one of their family members on an extreme level for the entire world to see. If this was the girlfriend of a player like Mitch Moreland, for example, no one would care at all. However, since it’s Aaron Judge, all news outlets decide that this is the biggest story of the day.

I consider this whole chain of events an invasion of privacy for Aaron Judge, his girlfriend, and both of their families. The cops even reassured Samantha that the footage would not be public despite TMZ somehow getting their hands on it. Now, this girl’s mug shot is even being posted across all social media. She should be insignificant to places like TMZ and Fox News.


There comes a time where the line is crossed between professional and personal life and this is one of those situations. If it were Judge receiving the DUI on camera that’s an entirely different story, but it wasn’t, it was his girlfriend and we all know how private Judge likes to keep his personal life. This situation just showed the very brutal side of the media and it’s time to just leave the girl alone already.



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