MLB: How COVID-19 Has Caused A Stand-off Between Owners and Players

We are all waiting to see if MLB will be coming back this year, but the lack of an agreement between both sides is very alarming and a cause for concern.

I don’t think anyone expected it to last as long as it has, but it is May 21 and we still have no return date for baseball. We were all expecting to be watching the Yankees make their push for 28 this year, but the coronavirus derailed it. On top of that, the MLB players and owners have yet to agree on a proposal and this has also pinned both sides against each other and revealed a much bigger issue. 

The players and owners are at a clear disagreement right now. As of Thursday, the main issue is money. The players were expecting to play in front of fans and that would result in them not having to take a pay cut with a shorter season. With fans not being allowed to watch games at stadiums until who knows when, the players must take a pay cut. The term that is being thrown around is prorated salary, which pretty much means that a player would make X amount of money based on how many games were played. This issue is that was agreed on when fans were expected and now this is causing a much bigger issue. The players union views the prorated salary as some type of salary cap. The salary cap was the reason there was a strike in 1994, the players rejected the cap and it was thrown away.

Blake Snell was very vocal about this during one of his live streams last week. He went on about how he should not have to take a pay cut when he is going out there risking his life. While some of the points he made were a bit exaggerated, he does have a point. If the players are to go out there and save the owners a ton of money, then they should be paid what they deserve. He is not the only one to take a stance against the owners wanting baseball back as Sean Doolittle went on a very educated rant about the virus. He stated many of the issues and health concerns that would bother the players and could compromise their future and families. Doolittle didn’t talk much about the money side but more on the health side that MLB seems to be disregarding in its plans.

It seems that the main issue keeping the two sides from agreeing is money. The players want to get paid what they signed for but are really coming off as selfish. I believe that because the CBA is ending this year, the players are using this as the power to make their voices heard. Now is not the time to get a head start on the CBA, now we need to focus on whether or not we are getting MLB back and if it is safe to do so.

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