Yankees: 3 Worst MVP Snubs In Franchise History

It is no secret that many writers have a bias towards Yankees players when it comes to awards. So, what are the three worst MVP snubs in Yankees history?

The Yankees have a ton of award-winning and legendary players play for them. Most of these players have also led the team to at least one World Series or two, and as a result of that something was created. Yankee bias by the voters. Yankee bias has shown up a lot more in recent memory. Either way, let us take a look back at three of the worst Yankee MVP snubs.

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1. Aaron Judge – 2017

This one is probably up there for the worst MVP snub of all time. Aaron Judge exploded onto the baseball scene in 2017, having one of the best seasons in recent memory.  In 2017, Judge slashed .284/.422/.627 while hitting a league-leading and, rookie record-breaking, 52 home runs and driving in 114. In 2017, Aaron Judge was the engine that kept the Yankees moving. They had absolutely no expectations going into the season, but once Judge took over the culture changed. The game that made fans realize that Judge was going to have an MVP season was the 9-1 O’s comeback. In that game, Judge blasted two homers that kept the Yankees in the game.

After that dramatic comeback, Judge took control of the team, but no MVP season is complete without some adversity. After a record-breaking first half where Judge broke the Yankee rookie record for homers in a season with 31. Judge came out of the all-star break looking to continue his historic pace. What followed was the most unexpected two-month slump from a player who went into the break that hot. From July all the way to the beginning of September, Judge looked like the 2016 version of himself and it was not good as the Yankees started to play bad. Also, Judge was often spotted icing his shoulder following most games, and many began to question if he had hurt his shoulder during the home run derby. The Yankees needed Judge to find himself or they would have missed the playoffs. 

Judge would find himself and go on to have one of the best months a player has had in recent memory. In the month of September, he slashed .311/.463/.889 while hitting 15 home runs and driving in 32 runs. Once Judge went on that hot streak, the Yankees began to win games again and would finish the month going 20-8. The big man showed baseball just how good he was and everyone was predicting that he would become the third rookie to win an MVP.

However, the award went to a cheating Jose Altuve who only beat Judge in a couple of categories. Last time I checked, the MVP award stood for Most Valuable Player. If you take Judge away from the 2017 Yankees, they don’t even sniff the playoffs. He carried the team and was the best player in baseball that year, not Altuve. Oh, and Judge did it without cheating.

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