Yankees: 3 Best MVP Seasons In Franchise History

The Yankees have had their fair share of historic seasons from players, but out of their 22 MVP awards, which is the best?

The Yankees are the most iconic sports franchise in the world. Countless Hall of Fame players have played for them. They are no stranger to MLB’s most honorable personal award, the MVP, as they hold the record with 22. Each one is great in their own ways, but three stand out from the rest. Let us take a look at the three greatest MVP seasons in Yankee history.

(not in any particular order)

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1. Mickey Mantle 1956 AL MVP

Mickey Mantle is the best switch hitter to ever step foot on a baseball field. He is also one of the games’ most powerful hitters. In his career, Mantle won the MVP award three separate times. All of them were truly historic seasons, but his 1956 season stands out from the rest. In that year, Mantle became the 7th player to win the Triple Crown.

The Triple Crown is the most difficult feat a hitter can achieve as they must lead their league in average, home runs, and RBIs. In 1956, Mantle slashed .353/.464/.705 and hit 52 home runs and had 130 RBIs. What makes this season so special is Mantle lead all of baseball in those categories and lead the Yankees to a World Series title.

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