Yankees: 3 Loudest Moments From The ’90s

We all know the Yankees old stadium got loud and the fans showed just how loud they could get during the late ’90s runs. Which moments were the loudest?

It is no question that the old Yankee Stadium is one of the greatest stadiums in sports history. Countless Hall of Famers played on that field and so many iconic moments took place there. However, the stadium is nothing without its fans, and no fanbase cheers on their team more than Yankees fans. The old stadium used to shake when fans got really loud and boy did they get loud during those late ’90s playoff runs. Let us take a look back at the three loudest moments from that time.

3. Don Mattingly’s First and Only Postseason Home Run

Don Mattingly joined the Yankees in 1982, which happens to be the first year of, what would become, a 13 year playoff drought. He is one of the greatest Yankees of all time and one of the best players to play baseball. Going into the 1995 season, he had never played in a postseason game. Thankfully, that would change, as in 1995, the Yankees broke their 13-year playoff drought.

Donnie got his chance to play and in Game Two he gave fans the moment they have all been waiting for. It was the bottom of the 6th inning against the Mariners, and the Yankees were down 2-1. Ruben Sierra would come up and hit a game-tying home run. Mattingly was up next and, as Gary Thorne would say, “The fans want a dinger out of him.” Mattingly would send the 1-0 pitch into the right-field seats to give the Yankees the lead. As the ball was leaving the park Thorne said, “Oh hang on to the roof!” The stadium erupted as Donnie finally got his playoff moment.

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