MLB: 3 Best Teams Of The 2010s Who Failed To Win The World Series

Not every team can win the World Series every year, so throughout the 2010s, there were a handful of teams that weren’t able to win the big one.

There have been some really good MLB teams since 2010. Teams with future and current Hall of Famers on the team. Just because you have a great team though, doesn’t mean you are a lock to win it all. Here are three of the best teams of the decade to not win the World Series. (not in any order)

2010 Yankees

The 2010 Yankees had, for the most part, the same players as they did for the 2009 World Series team. The team played well but did finish in second place to the Rays. But they faced the Twins in the ALDS and swept them and went on to face the Texas Rangers. The story of this series was that Cliff Lee was with the Rangers. The Yankees had failed to acquire Lee after they were unwilling to give up top prospect Eduardo Nunez. Cliff Lee proceeded to show the Yankees that they made a huge mistake not getting him as he continued to show the Yankees that they couldn’t touch him. The Yankees lost in 6 games and the slow rebuild would begin.

2013 Tigers

The Tiger teams from the early 2010s were some of the best MLB teams in recent memory. They had Miguel Cabrera in his prime and an MVP pitcher in Justin Verlander. But one of the best Tiger teams was their 2013 team. In that season they had the MVP in Miguel Cabrera and the CY young in Max Scherzer. Miggy followed up his triple crown season with a very similar season where he continued to show the league that he was the best player. But the Tigers ran into a cinderella story Redsox team and lost in the ALCS. The Tiger teams of the early 2010s will go down as one of the biggest missed opportunities in recent memory.

2017 Dodgers

To be fair, after all the reports and news about the Astros cheating during the 2017 MLB season. The Dodgers deserve to be the World Series Champs. The 2017 Dodgers were a powerhouse team, with the arrival of Cody Bellinger and a great pitching staff. They cruised through the NL playoffs and were in prime position to win their first World Series since 1988. But they ran into the cheating Houston Astros and while they put up a great effort, they could not beat the cheaters. That Dodgers team was robbed of a ring and is still looking to break the World Series drought.

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