Yankees: Best Hoardable Stadium Eats

With the rise of coronavirus taking the Yankees away from us, let’s take a look at some of the best foods from Yankee Stadium to hoard for your quarantine. 

In light of the recent coronavirus pandemic, our beloved Yankees will have to wait a few extra weeks to take the diamond. Until then, it’s time to quarantine and that means stocking up on all your favorite stadium goodies:

Honorable Mention: $20 Chicken Bucket with Fries

This is an absolute staple in the diet of all Yankees fans visiting the stadium. The thing about the chicken bucket is that it is so filling that you could probably hoard it and make it your meal for an entire day. 

5. An Ice Cold $14.25 Bud Light

Schools are closed, gyms are closed and most importantly, bars are closed. With this in mind, it’s time to stock up on all Anheuser-Busch products. What better way to wash down your sorrows of a suspended baseball season while sheltering in place than with a $14.25 Bud Light? The more you drink the less you will regret the price.

4. Nathan’s foot-long hot dogs

Love them or hate them, hot dogs go hand in hand with baseball. They are also a classic addition to your apocalyptic stockpile. Nitrate filled pig parts loaded with protein; they will outlive the cockroaches. Stick them in your freezer for the perfect meal during a “Yankees Classics” marathon.

3. Bazzini Peanuts

These babies are loaded with fat, protein and even come in their very own case for no extra charge. If you’re looking for some portable energy on your toilet paper runs, crack open a classic yellow bag of Bazzini Peanuts.

2. Garlic Fries

With all the beer, hot dogs and peanuts you have hoarded, you’re going to want to spice up your diet every once in a while. My version of spice? Taking an already perfect side dish and dumping loads of fresh roasted garlic on top. If fans don’t get sick from coronavirus, they will certainly do so from garlic fry withdrawal.

1. Papa John’s Personal Pizzas

A collision of mediocrity, necessity, and convenience; perfect for a time of crisis. These glutinous babies are about 8 inches in diameter and loaded with cheese and your choice of topping. But don’t let their size fool you; you’ll be able to survive for a long time on one of these suckers. That means less money on food and more money on masks, gloves and paper towels.

Stay safe.

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