Yankees: The MLB Season Being Delayed Could Be A Good Thing

Even though many people are upset that the MLB season will likely be suspended for possibly two months, this could be a good thing for the Yankees. 

Living in the year of 2020 has given us many obscure things to think about since the departure of 2019. We currently live in a world with not a single American sport taking place, including no Yankees baseball. There is also a massive virus going around that is causing people to quarantine themselves. The world we live in today is something no one signed up for and by cooperating with each other is the only way we get through this disaster.

Everyone has been looking forward to the MLB season since the ‘walk-off” home run Jose Altuve hit in Game 6 of the ALCS. Unfortunately, the wait has been extended and there is no set date to get back to action anytime soon. This has the potential to be a nightmare of season for the MLB, but for the Yankees, it might be a blessing in disguise. With the Yankees, the injuries already started to pile up and us fans were looking at a bleak situation to start the season. Trying to figure out the possible outfield combinations with Judge, Hicks, and Stanton out for extended periods of time was worrisome. Opening day was set for March 26th. Baseball might not start until June. This gives all of the guys that have been injured at the start of Spring Training a fresh start and a chance to be on the Opening Day roster.

With the MLB being on hiatus, it seems as if the Yankees have voted on staying in Tampa to build that comradery a championship contender has. The health and safety of the players and their families should be the number one priority for the organization, but as a fan, one can’t help to be excited that they are all bonding in a time of crisis. Just think about Gerrit Cole having extra time to actually learn about his new teammates. There is going to be growing sense around the league that not only will the Yankees be the most talented team on the field, but also the closest team in the clubhouse.

Waiting for this season can be difficult; the Astros cheating scandal has put the Yankees in a “revenge tour” type of mindset and the team is ready to make an impression on the league once again. However, it is going to feel so damn good when James Paxton is the game two starter against Baltimore once the season starts. It just would not be the same if it were the “next man up” mentality again. Having extra rest to start the season might be a good thing for the whole league in general. We like to be selfish and only think this benefits the Yankees and I truly believe this benefits them the most out of any team.

There will never be another season like last, having our guys ready to go is key for this season. I don’t know about you guys but I am pumped for Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton to be in the outfield come Opening Day!


Stay safe out there.

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