Aaron Boone Is Now New York’s Longest Tenured Manager/Coach

Despite only joining the New York Yankees as manager in 2018, Aaron Boone has become New York’s longest tenured manager/coach. 

Aaron Boone is going into his fourth season as Yankees skipper. Somehow, he has beaten out ever single head coach/manager in New York for time spent with the team. His durability has put him above all the other New York sports teams, even though he has only been the manager since December of 2017. Within the four major sports, in a general matter, New York sports have been hurting. The Yankees going into the 2020 season are favorites to win the World Series, but things can potentially get a bit unpromising.

Boone has had a fantastic tenure thus far posting 203 wins and 121 losses as manager. However, the Yanks have not won a ring since 2009, over a decade but there is definitely a glaring future ahead. The real question is what in the world is going on with the other New York teams?

Adam Gase just completed his rookie season as coach for the New York Jets, the New York Giants have not been able to find a stable head coach, and the New York Mets just recently found their new man in Luis Rojas. In regards to hockey, the New York Islanders brought in Barry Trotz for the 2018-2019 season, while the same goes for New York Rangers’ David Quinn. For basketball, the New York Knicks made a move firing David Fizdalde and bringing in interim coach, Mike Miller. And, the most recent event taking place in New York as of a couple days ago (March 7), putting Boone as the longest tenured coach/manager in town was when the Brooklyn Nets fired Kenny Atkinson. It almost seems like this is coming from a movie, but this is indeed the reality of New York sports, right now.

Despite all these changes going on, this could be a step in the right direction for New York sports. Although, coaching/managing changes can raise tons of questions, it also brings in a fresh face to the environment. For Boone, he has all the talent in the world to put something together and the Yankees see him as the long term manager going forward. We just need to wait and see if he can bring ring number 28 to the Bronx.

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