Yankees: Jonathan Loaisiga Belongs In The Bullpen

Since coming up, Jonathan Loaisiga has always shown much potential with the Yankees, but he is starting to seem like he is better off in the bullpen. 

Every bullpen pitcher was once a starter that just didn’t make it. Each guy has a different story as to why they were a failed starter. Sometimes, a pitcher has the stuff to be a starter but he has more potential in the bullpen. The time has come for the Yankees to make the decision on what role Jonathan Loaisiga should be in. Here are two reasons why Jonathan Loaisiga belongs in the bullpen.

His stuff is made for the bullpen

Most starters have at least three pitches that they can use all the time and get outs with at any time. While Loaisiga does have a three-pitch mix in a 4-seam, curve and change, only two of them he has shown the ability to command and control. There hasn’t been one game that he has had all three. When he has come out of the bullpen and has had control of the fastball and curve he has been untouchable and lights out. Some may forget that Dellin Betances was once a starter and had very similar stuff to Loaisiga. Both of them had command issues and could only really control two of their pitches.

When they moved Betances to the bullpen, we all know what happened. Loaisiga has the raw stuff to become a Chad Green-type guy in terms of stamina and a Betances like guy with his raw stuff. If he pitches to his potential the Yankees bullpen will get that much better.

Injury history/ lack of innings

Jonathan Loaisiga has been very unlucky with injuries in his career. He has had some injuries to muscles that can ruin a pitcher’s career. Last season, Loaisiga had an injury to his rotator cuff which is one of the three big injuries a pitcher can get that has the potential to ruin a career.

Also, in 2018, Loaisiga had another shoulder injury that prevented him from pitching even more in the majors. The Yankees have a chance to strike gold with Loaisiga but the best way to channel that for a long time is to keep him in the bullpen and limit his innings.

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