Yankees: It’s Time To Put 2017 and 2019 In The Past

While the Yankees have every right to be furious about 2017 and possibly 2019, dwelling in the past won’t help their causes in 2020.

There’s a possibility the New York Yankees were cheated out of two trips to the World Series.

In 2017, that was absolutely the case as an MLB investigation found that the Houston Astros used a high-tech system to steal signs. Per MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, that illegal activity continued into the postseason in which Houston defeated New York in a seven-game ALCS. 

As for 2019, many believe the Astros were again up to no good. While there was no banging on trash cans, circumstantial evidence suggests Houston may have been wearing buzzers that allowed them to know what pitch is coming. 

The biggest piece of that circumstantial evidence comes from the unusual activity from Jose Altuve after hitting a walk-off home run to win the series and demanding his shirt not be ripped off. While there’s a chance the Yankees were cheated out of not one but to American League pennants, it’s time to put those losses to Houston to bed.

Nearly all the talk out of Yankees spring training has been about the Astros and the resentment New York players have for them. 

While all of that is fair, it should be fueled as motivation for the 2020 season. Dwelling in the past and wondering what could’ve been won’t get the 2020 Yankees anywhere but going out on the field and playing ticked off will.

Thus, there’s no reason to think about 2017 and 2019 anymore. Even if the Yankees advanced to the world series, there’s no guarantee they defeat the Dodgers or Nationals in the fall classic. With that, the Yankees need to turn their full attention to 2020. This year’s roster features the same stacked lineup that helped them win 103 games a year ago, the same dominant bullpen and an improved rotation thanks to the addition of Gerrit Cole.

There’s a lot to be excited about in the present; it’s time to put the past to bed and let play do the talking. 

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