Should The Yankees Give Alex Rodriguez A More Prominent Front Office Role?

Alex Rodriguez has solidified himself as one of the most intelligent minds in baseball, but should the Yankees offer him a more prominent front office role?

It has been reported that former Yankees star Alex Rodriguez is in play to be a buyer for the Mets ownership. Alex Rodriguez has emerged as a potential buyer for the New York Mets, according to the New York Post’s Thornton McEnery. While this report may not hold much weight towards the future of Rodriguez and the Mets, it does make a Yankee fan wonder.

Would A-Rod be a good candidate to be more involved in the Yankee front office? After the 2017 season, his name was consistently floated around as a potential fit for the managerial vacancy. Although most of the rumors were fan-driven and held no true credibility, Rodriguez’s high level of IQ, as well as his obvious ties to the Yankees, the idea wasn’t extremely far-fetched. Instead, the Yankees hired Rodriguez to be a special advisor to General Manager Brian Cashman. As his current position entails, he is a Yankees employee, but his outside ventures are not affected as much as a true front office person’s ventures would be. Rodriguez still works at FOX Sports, ESPN, and dives into his own endeavors with the AROD CORP. 

With Alex’s passion for the game and a clear interest in being a buyer for another franchise, perhaps the Yankees should keep him on their side by moving him into a more consistent and prominent role with the club. Alex has always stuck out as a potential coach or manager in the future, but his new role in the business world may aid his front office approaches in a major league club. 

A-Rod as Yankees assistant GM would be an extremely interesting scenario, but past his name and legacy on the field, there’s reason to believe he would thrive. 

For one, Rodriguez has completely rebranded himself and is beloved in the sport. He would become a huge recruiting tool for the Yankees when they are in the market for a big free agent. Rodriguez would also be much more accessible to players for actual baseball advice, whether in the field or at the plate, Alex likely has forgotten more about baseball than some young players know. 

While it is a fun notion to think about, a stunt like this is not very Yankee-like, so don’t hold your breath. The Yankees are more known to bring in old players as advisors to the GM or at spring training. Should Rodriguez shock the baseball community and follow his former hall of fame teammate Derek Jeter to the ownership world, the Mets would be getting a great baseball mind, a new face of the game, and someone committed to winning. But maybe the Yankees step in and never let it get to that point. 


  1. With A-Rod’s tenacity for The Game, and his abilities including getting along with players, I truly believe he would be a GREAT fit in the Yankee Organization. Whether it be in the front office, or better yet, a future in a managerial position! He knows & understands the game very well. My vote is to keep him with the Yankee Organization!!! At any cost. His talents should not go elsewhere. He would be a GREAT ASSET!!

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