Aaron Judge Feels Yankees Were ‘Cheated’ Out Of World Series Opportunity

With the current state of MLB being the Astros against the world, New York Yankees star Aaron Judge clearly has some very strong feelings on the situation. 

As many MLB players have done over the past week regarding the Astros light punishment for cheating their way to a World Series title in 2017, Aaron Judge expressed his resentment against the cheaters from Houston.

“I wasn’t a fan of the punishment,” Judge told reporters on Tuesday. “I thought it was a little weak for a player-driven scheme.”

You know things are getting serious when Aaron Judge, who is usually reserved, expresses his concerns regarding the situation and rightfully so. Not only was Judge robbed of a World Series appearance in 2017, but he was also robbed of an MVP award because of Astros cheater Jose Altuve.

When asked about whether the 2017 title should have been stripped from Houston, Judge gave them zero credit for their victory. “I just don’t think it holds any value. You cheated,” he said. “It wasn’t earned. That’s how I feel. It wasn’t earned the way of playing the game right.”

The Yankees have been eliminated by the Astros from the postseason two of the last three postseasons, so Judge has a reason to be upset here. Opportunities like the Yankees have had don’t come every day and having it taken away from you by a team that is not playing the game fairly can be frustrating to the highest degree.

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