Is 2020 A Make or Break Year For Giancarlo Stanton?

Giancarlo Stanton has a lot to prove to the New York Yankees in 2020, but could it be considered a make or break year for the slugger?

The 2017 NL MVP has certainly had his ups and downs in pinstripes, but he always seems to have a positive attitude whenever he is available to the media. With an injury-plagued 2019 campaign, Giancarlo Stanton looks to progress on what he built in his first year with the Yankees.

Fans and media forget that when Judge went down with a broken wrist in 2018, Stanton was the one of the players who carried the team to 100 wins. Judge missed 46 games during that stretch and Stanton filled in nicely.  Getting used to expectations is not easy no matter how much talent you have. With the Marlins, Stanton was never accustomed to having the pressure of winning every baseball game. As many know, it is championship or bust every year and some do not understand Stanton needed some time. In baseball, you fail more times than not.  Failing seven out of ten times still means you are a great hitter, that is how hard the sport is.

Knowing how vital Giancarlo Stanton is to this Yankees 2020 championship run is seriously being downplayed. When he is fully healthy and producing, he is a top ten baseball player and to have two guys like that in an already potent lineup will give opposing pitchers second thoughts about coming to the Bronx. It almost feels as if Stanton has become underrated in a sense. No one talks about him like the bona-fide stud he is. He is everything you want in a baseball player; strong, athletic, quick, smart, and hardworking. Does he strike out a lot? Sure, but most baseball players do, it has become a part of the game. There are many doubters now, but come October when he is an MVP finalist, fans and media should be embracing him, not critiquing him on every little thing he hasn’t done.

Giancarlo Stanton is meant to be a Yankee, he wanted to come here for a reason. There is a common goal in that clubhouse and I guarantee he shares that same passion. So, no. This isn’t a make or break year because he is a proven commodity and there is no one better available that could take his spot. Year three in the Bronx is going to be a pleasant surprise for many fans and I hope they enjoy his presence on the team. As many people know, New York isn’t made for everyone and Stanton hasn’t’ shown any red flags in his tenure.

A healthy Giancarlo Stanton is going to give everyone a show in 2020 and no one is ready for it. There is no other clean-up hitter the Yankees rather have than G. His contract cements his status on this team and living up to the contract will not be a problem for years to come.

Cheers to a 2020 AL MVP campaign, Giancarlo!

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