Yankees: 3 Potential Trade Pieces

The Yankees will certainly have plenty of trades they will be looking to make this season, but who are their three biggest trade pieces?

The 2020 trade deadline has a chance to be one of the best in recent memory. Who knows what is going to happen to Lindor and others. The Yankees farm system is still one of the best in baseball and has pieces that they can move around if they need to add to an already stacked team. Here is an early look at three players that could be in trades come the deadline.

Deivi Garcia

The Yankees were hesitant to deal Deivi Garcia during the 2019 trade deadline. He found himself in Triple-A at the end of the season and struggled a bit. While everyone was so high on Garcia, reports have been coming out that suggests that he may not be the player everyone is hyping him up to be. That he may just end up being a bullpen guy. This spring training will be huge for Garcia as he will get to show his talent against major league competition. It may be best to trade Garcia while everyone still thinks he can be a starter as his value will plummet if he ends up being a reliever. It’s win-now time and everyone should be on the table.

Clint Frazier

This is the easiest one to predict. Frazier has an electric bat and has proven that he can hit at the major league level. In 2019 slashed .267/.317/.489 and hit 12 home runs and drove in 38 RBIs. Frazier was one of the Yankee’s best hitters for a portion of the season. Frazier would be a perfect piece for a team that is looking for an impact now player. However, look for him to be traded to a team in the AL as he may end up being a DH because of his fielding woes

Thairo Estrada

If it weren’t for the injuries that the Yankees had in 2019, Estrada could have very well been dealt to another team. But because of the injuries each and every day, the Yankees needed a utility guy that could play all around the infield. Estrada also proved that he could hit at the major league level. If a team is looking for a solid infielder that can play almost every position and is solid at the plate. Then Estrada would be their guy. Like Frazier, he would be an impact now player, which teams are looking for now in trades.

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