Yankees: Aaron Boone Correctly Predicts Super Bowl Final Score

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone may or may not be a fortune teller or time traveler after correctly predicting the score of Sunday night’s Super Bowl. 

Does anyone else feel something? It feels like something good is about to happen and it seems like Aaron Boone can sense it. Don’t know, maybe because baseball is coming back, who knows. With the calendar flipping to February and the NFL season coming to a close, MLB is back in the limelight.

Finally, a grueling MLB offseason will hit the ground running with pitchers and catchers reporting to their respective facilities to gear up for the upcoming 2020 campaign. A new decade of dominance I am sensing, and it all starts with Yankees manager Aaron Boone.

Who normally can predict the exact score of a game, let alone the Super Bowl? Is Boone hinting at something that us, fans are not aware of? If this is the case, can he tell us who is going to win the World Series for the foreseeable future? It only makes sense that he shares his knowledge because going a full decade without a World Series Title has been something Yankees fans aren’t accustomed to.

Even the Yankees Twitter handle had a little fun with it.

The season cannot come fast enough. Football was a nice, relaxing breather from an intense regular and postseason for the Yankees. With all the expectations starting to creep back into everyone’s lives again, embracing it is the best way to calm the nerves. Fortune teller, I mean manager Aaron Boone is now a veteran in the managerial world, and there is no doubt in my mind that he can lead this ball club through any adversity an MLB season brings. The excitement that is to come is something that cannot be tamed.

Having this season rapidly approaching brings back all the pregame jitters we all felt back in October, but this time it is a little different. The Yankees are not doing the hunting anymore; they have become the team-to-beat. There should be no doubts on where this team should end up at the end of the year and with a deep roster and coaching staff led by our “savage” we will get it done.


Boone how many games is it going to take to defeat the Atlanta Braves in the World Series this year? Asking for a friend.

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