Giancarlo Stanton Bench-Presses Model Adriana Lima (Video)

Despite an injury-plagued 2019 campaign, Giancarlo Stanton looks stronger than ever as he heads into the 2020 season attempting to redeem himself.

This isn’t the most common workout for an MLB player in the offseason training plan, but if anyone were to bench-press a supermodel it would definitely be Giancarlo Stanton. The video was posted on Instagram by Kirk Myers, who owns a gym named Dogpound in NYC and works with the Yankees slugger.

It’s not too evident how much Lima exactly weighs, but it is obvious by looking at her that bench-pressing her is just light work for Giancarlo Stanton. He is also taped slamming a sledgehammer into a tire and showing off his tremendous physique.

Stanton’s strength has never been placed into question during his time with the Yankees, it has always been about his strikeouts and his ability to stay on the field. He seems to like that he is enjoying himself so far this offseason and things couldn’t be going better at this point.

Now, it’s just time to hope that the 2017 National League MVP can return to form with the Yankees this season and help bring the Yankees their 28th World Series title.

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